Books For Suicide Survivors

The links below will bring you to the books that we are aware of that have been helpful for those healing after a suicide.  There are generalized lists that cover all aspects for grief associated with suicide as well as lists of books based on the specific relationship.  The links take you to Amazon, but you can also get many of these books from your local library.  The Amazon links allow you to "look inside the book" and see the book itself as well as the reader comments to help you find the best book about healing from the suicide of a loved one.

Reading Lists of Books on Suicide

The lists include:
  1. Books that discuss grief and loss due to suicide
    • This is a collection of books focused on grief and healing after the loss of a loved one to suicide.  These are often the best books to begin with when trying to understand how you heal after the suicide of a loved one.
  2. Books for suicide survivors who have lost a child to suicide
    • This collection of books focuses on the unique aspects of healing after the death of your son, daughter or grandchild by suicide.
  3. Books for suicide survivors who have lost a brother or sister
    • These books are for siblings who have lost a brother or sister to suicide.
  4. Books for children who have lost a parent to suicide
    • This is a collection of books focuses on children and adult children who have lost a parent to suicide.
  5. Books for partners who have lost a spouse to suicide
    • This is a collection of books for widows or widowers who have lost their husband or wife to suicide.
  6. Books on helping Children and Teens Deal with the suicide of a loved one
    • This series of books are for caregivers or parents to help their children heal and survive after the death of a friend or family member to suicide.
  7. Books on Hope and Faith for Suicide Survivors
    • This collection of books focuses on helping survivors find faith and hope after teh death of a loved one to suicide.  It is common for many survivors to question or seek to better understand their faith after a death by suicide.
  8. Books on the Scientific and Clinical Analysis of Suicide
    • Most survivors struggle with understanding the medical and mental health aspects of suicide.  This is a collection of books that analyze suicide and help to identify the issues that may have lead to suicide.

Where can you borrow these books?

Many of these books can be borrowed for free via your local or county library.

Books for Suicide Survivors on Amazon 

We have assembled a list of books sorted by category on   You can see all of them in a special easy to view collection right on Amazon's site.  There are numerous customer comments on the pages to help you find a book that may be helpful to you.