Where To Begin After A Suicide

Right after you lose a loved one to suicide it can be a confusing and complex time.  There are legal, financial and many, many emotional issues that you face.  Here are a number of resources to help you start to sort out what has happened to you and how you can begin to move forward.  

Author: Bill Jenkins
    • Resource: 160 page Book
    • Summary: Written by a victim for other victims and their caregivers, this book offers authoritative and invaluable advice, guidance, and resources for families dealing with the traumatic loss of a family member or friend. New to this edition are sections on crime scene cleanup, unsolved cases, grief in the workplace, a new chapter entitled "Long-Term Grief: Living The Marathon," and a Foreword by best-selling author Patricia Cornwell.  Finalist in the category of Best First Book in the Publishers Marketing Association's Benjamin Franklin Awards 2000, "What To Do When The Police Leave" is being used by victim assistance programs, clergy, funeral homes, and police departments across North America as they work with and serve the bereaved. It is recognized as one of the most valuable resources available for grieving families. This one of a kind resource is heart-to-heart practical advice from one who has been through the trenches of grief and loss, encouraging and helping others in their own paths. The victims' voice has never spoken so clearly.