Suicide Attempt Survivors

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group - Madison, NJ

Our support group does not focus on and we are not able to provide group support for those who have attempted suicide.  Our group meetings are focused on the grieving and healing of those who have lost loved ones to suicide.  The pain and struggles of the two groups are different and each are unique.  We understand that suicide attempt survivors also need support to help them deal with the pressures and the stigma of their suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts.  Here is a collection of information that suicide attempt survivors may find helpful.

After a Suicide Attempt

It is often a confusing and emotional time for you and your family and friends following a suicide attempt.  People may not understand the stress and pain you were feeling just before and after your attempt.  Here is a collection of resources to help you and those around you understand where you all need to go next in dealing with your suicidal thoughts and actions. 

Counseling For Suicide Attempt Survivors

Suicide Attempt Support Groups

Connections is a network for communication and remote-only informal support that is driven by the individuals and peer supporters themselves. It is not a full-time service and peer supporters are not mental health service professionals. Connections peer supporters are friendly volunteers– they are not working as professional treatment providers and should not be relied upon as a primary source of care in urgent situations.

Apps and Tools For Suicide Attempt Survivors

There are numerous online tools and applications for your smart phone to help you monitor and respond to your moods and emotions.  Installing them and using them prior to a crisis allows you to quickly find help when you need it.  More can be found by searching for "suicide prevention" on the Itunes App store or the Google Play store.

Taking Care of Yourself

Videos For Suicide Attempt Survivors

Dealing With Your Family After A Suicide Attempt

In 2012, 11.5 million people in the U.S. seriously considered suicide


National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2012) and Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (2011)

Helping Families Understand Depression and Bipolar Disorder


If you are looking for a sign for what you should do...

This is it.

Stop and get help right now!

Get off the computer and pick up the phone or go to the ER.   


Blogs and Other Sites About Surviving a Suicide Attempt

Psychiatric Emergency and Psychiatric Screening Services

Available in each county 24-hours a day, seven-days a week to individuals in emotional crisis who require immediate attention.  An individual may be seen without an appointment, or be brought to the screening center by a parent, friend, spouse, law enforcement official, mental health worker, or any other concerned individual.  For information visit the DHS Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services' website at

Legal Issues Associated With Suicide Attempts and Mental Illness

Dealing with an involuntary commitment or having to deal with child protective services is best handled by an attorney. Please consult with an attorney as soon as possible to protect the rights of all involved! Many offer free consultations. Find an attorney whom you like and trust. If you don't have an attorney, please contact your local bar association to help you find an appropriate local lawyer. 

For Medical Professionals Assisting Suicide Attempt Survivors

Facts about people who have attempted suicide